Fast Money Cable Network

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CNBC’s Fast Money panel for May 18, 2007: (from left) Jeff McKay, Tim Strazini, Dylan Rattigan, Guy Adami and Eric Bolling.

Fast Money Cable Network

Fast Money Cable Network

CNBC’s Fast Money panel on November 9, 2007: (from left) Guy Adami, Dylan Rattigan, Carr Finerman and Pete Nazarian.

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Fast Money is an American financial stock trading talk show that began airing on June 21, 2006 on the cable/satellite network CNBC. Since October 10, 2007, it has aired weekly at 5:00 p.m., one hour after close of business. The New York Stock Exchange moved to four nights a week, Monday through Thursday, by mid-2011 to make room for special options and currency trading shows on Friday evenings.

Fast Money Cable Network

On March 22, 2013, it returned as a Friday night half-hour show, followed by an alternate half-hour show.

Melissa Lee leads a fast-paced debate between four professional Wall Street traders. The group examines various investment strategies, including technical analysis, and debates the merits of each other’s arguments for a particular stock or sector. The show covers topics such as options trading, commodities, and exchange traded funds.

Fast Money Cable Network

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Regulars in most episodes include Guy Adami, Bonavin Eason, Carr Finerman, Steve Grasso, Brian Kelly, Mike Howe, Pete Nazarian, Dan Nathan, Tim Seymour, and Nadine Thurman.

From a weekly segment that first aired in the May 2006 episode of All About Money. The show originally aired from CNBC headquarters in Glenwood Cliffs, New Jersey, with Ratigan as the host, and a regular panel of Jeff McKay, Guy Adami, Tim Strazini and Eric Bolling.

Fast Money Cable Network

Beginning on Friday, March 5, 2010, the show aired at 5:30 PM ET (also hosted by Melissa Lee) and was shortened to 30 minutes. Both cash and options are streamed from the NASDAQ MarketSite.

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In mid-2011, Fast Money dropped its Friday night lineup to completely fund the move: Currency Trading (also hosted by Melissa Lee) aired in the 5:30 ET time slot, which moved to Stock Options. on the half hour to 5 p.m. On March 22, 2013, he returned to the Friday night lineup. The program airs for the first half hour (5pm), followed by a half hour alternate, 5.30pm. Action on the money was taken from CNBC’s line

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Fast Money Cable Network

On October 13, 2014, Fast Money, along with CNBC’s other weekday programming, was relaunched in full 1080i high definition in a full 16:9 presentation as part of the network’s bandwidth transition.

Bolling was replaced by Finerman on September 4, 2007. Appearing as an alternate panelist on the show, Seymour was made a regular in October 2008. After rumors of a conflict with “Fast Money” creator Susan Krakauer,

Fast Money Cable Network

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Rattigan was replaced by Lee, who occasionally filled in for Rattigan. McKay left CNBC on June 15, 2009

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Fast Money Cable Network

The first 13 episodes (including one live broadcast) of Fast Money aired in the summer of 2006 in the Wednesday 8:00 ET timeslot. Ratings were relatively low, with the show averaging less than 110,000 viewers per week. During the week of 09-18-2006, the show tested a new time slot at 5pm, with the highly rated Closing Bell Plush serving as the lead time slot (Kudlow & Co. until 8pm weekdays). Here, the show nearly doubled to 211,000 viewers (the same as K&C usually gets). The 5 p.m. ET time slot, while successful, beat Kudlow & Co.’s 8 p.m. spot. This resulted in the show’s ratings being lower than before the temporary transition. After a successful 5.00 test the week of 09-18-2006, CNBC retested the program at 8 pm on weekends. CNBC had hoped for some traction after last week’s viewership surge. No show. Ratings were on par with the summer 2006 broadcast.

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Fast Money broadcasts from Times Square in New York, New York at 5 p.m. from the second floor studios of NASDAQ on CNBC, the NBC Universal/Comcast national cable television network.

Fast Money Cable Network

Among the many contributors to January 2009 were producer Jason Farkas, and tape producers Heather Wilcox and Boz Halaban, who were responsible for creating and airing the final show after being created by CNBC staff and Avid editors such as Konrad Devrog. . , Gary Prince, Diana Constantino, and Dave Letteri, and CNBC staff with Grass Valley NewsEdit editor Bai Ulias, Cosimo Camporeale, Carolyn Shivey, Vanessa DiPietro, Keri Conjura, Diana Acosta, and Kelly Frisco.

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On 02-27-2007, a special edition of “Fast Money” covered the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 416-point drop that day. It aired again at 1 a.m., preempting the night’s scheduled broadcast of Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch.

Fast Money Cable Network

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On 03-02-2007 another special edition of “Fast Money” was aired. This time, it’s back to Wall Street’s worst week in 4½ years. Erin Burnett was the guest moderator for this episode (Dylan Rattigan is in Washington, D.C., where it aired).

This special edition also includes a 367-point plunge in the Dow, which coincidentally comes 20 years after it lost 508 points, or 22.6% of its value, on Black Monday.

Fast Money Cable Network

The Fast Money 1 Year Anniversary Special aired on 2008-01-15. This special edition features memorable clips from the NASDAQ’s first year (which Fast Money re-releases on 2007-01-08) and plunged 277 points that day. Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney and host of his own CNBC show, Interviews with Michael Eisner, is a special guest on the show.

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On 2008-02-29, “Fast Money” was broadcast live from Coral Gables, Florida, outside of Miami. This special edition also covered the 315-point dive in the Dau. Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of Gerald Electric (part of CNBC) and retired NBA star Alonzo Mourning made special guest appearances on the show, which was also the first Fast Money to be filmed outside.

Fast Money Cable Network

The third Fast Money Roadshow aired live from the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago on 2008-05-16. This edition features special guest appearances by CME President Terry Duffy, personal finance guru Suze Orman (host of CNBC’s The Suze Orman Show) and Playboy Enterprises CEO Christy Hefner.

Special half-hour editions of “Fast Money” during the 2008 Summer Olympics during the two weeks 2008-08-11 – 2008-08-22. Due to CNBC’s Olympics coverage, Fast Money (1 p.m. ET) and Half Smart Money (1:30 p.m.) aired in the second hour of the shift, while one-hour versions of Fast Money (see also noon tape delay) aired at 9 p.m. ET.

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Fast Money Cable Network

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This special edition of “Fast Money,” which aired live in New York on 09-19-2008, featured a guest appearance by activist investor Carl Icahn. The show was filmed at Jazz at Lincoln Center-All Rooms. Shaw also scored 369 points in the Dow.

This edition of the Fast Money Roadshow was broadcast live from DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC on 11-07-2008. Among the guests were Keith Hennessy, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, and Richard Brown, Chief Economist of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The panel consisted of five members joined by Tim Seymour as a permanent team.

Fast Money Cable Network

For the week of 2017-01-09, the third annual edition of Fast Money was broadcast live from the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York.

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Students from America’s top business schools compete in the Fast MBA MBA Challenge hosted by Dylan Rattigan. The shows were taped on 2007-07-14 and 2007-07-15 at CNBC Global Headquarters in Glenwood Cliffs, New Jersey. The Fast Money MBA Challenge aired on 2007-08-01, 2007-08-08, 2007-08-15, and 2007-08-22, and was repeated every Sunday from 2007-08-05 at 9PM and 12AM Eastern. . 2007-08-26.

Fast Money Cable Network

The finals of the Fast MBA MBA Challenge were broadcast live outside the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City on 08-22-2007. In the finals of this championship, Yale faced Texas for the $200,000 prize. Six weeks later, Yale won the $200,000 prize.

CNBC Asia broadcasts live Tuesday through Saturday at 5 p.m. SIN/HK/TWN time in the US without DST during Daylight Saving Time, CNBC Asia airs a “Live” Friday version at 6 a.m. (US time). SIN/HK/TWN time, and the Monday through Thursday version is available Tuesday through Friday at 12 p.m. SIN/HK/TWN time.

Fast Money Cable Network

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CNBC Europe does not broadcast the program as usual, usually only when the news of the day merits additional live news coverage.

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