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Gabler Survivor – Survivor 43 is finally here! Each week, Mike Bloom brings you interviews with the most recent castaways from the island.

“The best assassin doesn’t show up in a castle with an ax and say, ‘I’ve come to kill the king.’” He or she goes into the kitchen, puts the poison on the king’s plate, and leaves. “

Gabler Survivor

Disguise can be the difference between life and death. Mike Gabler knows this personally, given his years of camping and hunting outdoor skills. He literally brought that cape to the game

Photos From Survivor Season 43: Meet The Cast

.Heart valve specialists have both positive and negative aspects to your game. But his ability to stay under the radar and take center stage is undeniable. Due to his “Alligabler” behavior, he ended the season without a no-vote. When he lifted his head out of the water, the jury applauded enthusiastically, and they almost unanimously awarded him an award.

However, if you told Gable he won on day 3, he probably wouldn’t believe you. The oldest man on the Bacca, the stranger at once made him make a bold decision to get the idol in the first few days. But the game had worn him down so much that after losing his first immunity challenge, he offered to forgo immunity and shoot in the dark. Fortunately for Gabler, Elie Scott convinced him he was eager to keep him in the game. Those feelings, though, will fade quickly as the preseason progresses. Baca continued to win, and Galler continued to make his tribe members nervous. So much so that Elie and Jeanine Zheng not only rummaged through his pockets, but also wanted to trick him into thinking that his idol was useless. When Sami Layadi told him about it, Gabler blushed, unlike his usual behavior at work.

As the tribe comes together, Gable finds time to forcefully clear Eli’s name. Although this led to a noon brawl, he accomplished his goal and gloriously destroyed his worst enemy. Realizing someone was watching him, Gabler slipped into the shadows, knowing that the greatest players are often the ones who cut their own necks. Soon he was the one making the cut. As your threat level dissipates, you can trade and build relationships with everyone in the game. These changes put him in a decisive position out of the army’s sights. Ends on day 25. Gabler, physically and mentally exhausted, was sent to open fire with Jesse Lopez, the favorite to win the game. push through, he can kill the king

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, to send it to the last three. There, he finally put the camera down and started talking about the game that no one noticed. Paying a million dollars is a good ad, and all this – is a

Survivor 43: Elisabeth

About his confidence that he will be the only savior, his “whatever threat comes” strategy, and his decision to donate all winnings to veterans in need.

So I must first ask you how you feel right now. Obviously you saw it win back in the spring. But what’s it like looking back at it all fall and finding yourself winning again?

You know, it’s a big problem. It’s like watching a [sports] game and knowing the score. It’s like 3 to 30 and triple overtime, but you don’t know any games. Because I don’t know what the fix will be. I don’t know how it will show what it will be. So while watching live, I was on the edge of my seat along with other fans. Because I am a lover. i am a fan

Storytelling, well done. And this time there is a lot of suspense, a lot of blind turns. Mike, I’ve been watching your podcast. Every time I would break down and you guys would be like, “Gabler, this maniac!” I was like, “Wait!” (

Survivor 43: Morriah Young Post Elimination Interview (2021)

). It is full of energy. I really like it. I feel like I can yell from the rooftops now. My parents, my family, my friends, everyone can now celebrate and know what I know. Because it’s hard to keep that secret, that energy, that experience under your hat for six months.

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Well, let’s start shouting! After your Final Tribe performance, how confident are you that you will win?

I have great faith in you, Mike. I was selected by one of the ballots, James voted. This is the only vote that surprised me. I feel good about everything. I’m going to be building relationships with everyone there throughout the season. I’ve been allied with everyone there. I have faith in them. I have experience with them. They share with me, I share with them, we care about each other. This is a war of attrition. So in the end everyone has to go down. But I do it to keep my hands in good shape. I get people to do what I tell them to do in a lot of things. I planted many seeds. I’m more of a farmer than a hunter in this game.

If you go back, they’ll put out a clip of Me and Cass and Jess sitting around the fire eating rice. I mentioned, “Hey, you guys had a great game. I played a great game. All of our games are different. But you know, Jesse, if you sit next to Cody and Cass sits Next to Kara, I “I don’t do it. ” “do not know. “Look, things started to turn around. I did that throughout the game, working relationships and building trust.

Survivor Season 43 Episode 1 Photos

I’m always making decisions. I know where the information is coming from. Most of the information is from me. I’m with my “Ride or Die” partners, which is me, Cody and Jesse. We’re a very strong partnership that we didn’t know until the end of the tribe. I’m with the baka boys. I’m with the Coco crew, unique partners, all these different partnerships. No one knows I exist. They just think I’m in their company and don’t go to anyone. I only got nervous a few times throughout the game. Believe it or not, I think it’s pretty good.

You mentioned that you have all these partnerships. When did you decide you wanted to end up with Cassidy and Owen?

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This is a great question. Let me give you that answer. I think if you have a way to get to three points, that’s fine. It’s doubly good if you have two methods. If you have three methods, it’s three times better. So I have a few ways to get to three. If Cody played his idol and Kara would go home, I might still be in the top three. It’s going to be a different Big Three. If Cass came home instead of Ryan, I would still agree to go to Final Three. I have many ways to three. This is what I think is unclear in the edit.

I took a page out of Sandra’s book and it was “Anyone But Me”. And I changed, it was “Any Threat Comes”. Cody is dangerous. I planted some seeds and it has grown a lot. Jesse is ready to do it, or he wants to be a part of it. Cassidy too. We’re going to get ready and play this game. We played that game. Cody is home, Kara is home, Jesse is home. In the end I formed one of my alliances, the underdog alliance, which was me, Cassidy, and Owen. They are great actors. I love them, trust them, and have played with them since the merger. So I have a lot of different ways to get there. This is the secret of my success this time.

Survivor Top Ten (podcast)

Well, you talk about these relationships. And I think the reason a lot of people were drawn to his victory was because things were tougher for Barca. Did you know that discovering and accepting the human body’s preconceptions?

I was. But part of it is also reform. Like the day Sammy and I went fishing, we kind of felt sorry for each other. We laughed so silly there. We fish like crazy. We caught a few fish. We have fun. I mean, Sammy and I

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