Gabler Survivor Education

Gabler Survivor Education – What achievement are you proudest of? My family! My husband and I have been through some tough times and we have three wonderful children.

What can we never know by looking at you? How strong, flexible and determined can I be?

Gabler Survivor Education

Who is your hero and why? my father. He has achieved a lot. He overcame many obstacles from his childhood to his old age and not only prospered, but also brought in many others to ensure that he broke the cycle of poverty that plagued the extended family.

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Which past Survivor is your favorite? Siri, because I love communication and I do it easily. I will play hard without making a show.

Why do you think you can be the only survivor? I believe I can do anything I put my mind to. I can influence other people to make decisions, and they think it was their idea all along. I resist again; It’s not about how many times I fall, it’s about getting up one more time. I believe that whatever needs to be done must be done, so I always give 100%.

What achievement are you proudest of? my family It was not easy. Life is busy; life is hard. But with hard work, dedication and love, we stuck together, we overcame obstacles and we are strong!

What can we never know by looking at you? As much as I live with people, I enjoy being alone. I am also more sensitive than most people think.

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Who is your hero and why? My father. He is always there for us. He is also a Green Beret and a patriot.

Which past Survivor is your favorite? If I could only choose one, I would say Sandra. He was always in the right place at the right time. He had good technique and game play.

What achievement are you proudest of? After my leg was amputated in 2016, I didn’t let it define me. I came back playing Division 1 lacrosse and in just two years, I made the Tokyo Paralympic track and field team and set the American record in the 100 meters.

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What can we never know by looking at you? People don’t think when they see me that I’m an elite athlete. This is what many people see when they look at my transplant, their hearts ache for me and they doubt my abilities. And this is their first mistake.

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Who is your hero and why? my mother. You are my best friend, my inspiration and everything I aspire to be. She is the most dedicated and caring person I know and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.

Which past Survivor is your favorite? I want to play Kelly Wentworth in season 2. Her teammates didn’t think she was a big threat, but she found hidden idols and created blind spots to advance in the game.

Why do you think you can be the only survivor? I have the ability to make friends easily and I will use that to my advantage to advance in the game. I am also good at planning strategies and adapting to a constantly changing environment and am willing to do whatever it takes to cope. If you present me with the impossible, I will defeat you.

Pets: Privileged people. And people who don’t know what to do in a four-way station.

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What achievement are you proudest of? Being selected as an admissions director at my age is rare. Being a director at my university reminds me that I deserved it and that people have seen how dedicated and invested I really am.

What can we never know by looking at you? That I am an excellent public speaker and I use my people skills at work every day. Asian men have certain negative stereotypes associated with them and I don’t fit that mold. I played football in high school, I was the seat chaser for my brother and I could entertain a room of 800 people. I use my EQ more than my IQ on an average day.

Who is your hero and why? My parents. They are kind, fun, hard working and devoted to each other. They are more active and social than me! When they took me in, they gave me a life that anyone could dream of, and they supported me in everything I did. I owe them everything and I want to make them proud.

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Which past Survivor is your favorite? I would like to play the same game as Adam Klein. He kept his threat level low, got along with everyone, and was his true, fearsome self.

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Why do you think you can be the only survivor? I can win SURVIVOR because I’m an unclaimed triple threat. Socially, I am outgoing and genuinely interested in people. I make people feel invested in them because that’s who I really am! Physically, I’m athletic enough to be useful in the early game. However, no one is going to mistake me and Ozzy as a threat going into each safety game. Good thing, I’m a big fan of SURVIVOR and I’ve seen every season and watched the international versions. I’ve studied the game and I know what works and what doesn’t. Above all, I know myself and I know I have to play my game and go with the flow.

Pet peeves: When people walk slowly in front of you, when you open the door for someone and they don’t thank you, when people are always angry.

What achievement are you proudest of? My parents let me borrow their 20-year-old Lexus SUV a few years ago, and I promptly hit a 4-inch concrete post through the passenger side door by swerving to the right and missing it in my blind spot. It cost more to fix the dented door than the value of the car, so I looked on junkyard websites, found [one] gold 2000 Lexus LX470, down from $750 to $400 And I put the n door on. On Thanksgiving Day, except for the darkened passenger side window, it looked like no accident had happened!

What can we never know by looking at you? I think a lot of people think I’m a girl who doesn’t do anything athletic, but my dad raised me to be the boy he never had. I race dirt bikes and go to fishing derbies. And at my high school football game, I tackled a girl and knocked her down. (There is photographic evidence.)

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Who is your hero and why? Rahat – My Dad He is the reason I am athletic, smart and driven. He decided to be a parent to me and the sister he never had. He’s the best — he supports us, and never lets a day go by without telling us he loves us. You are the reason I sold technology. I always wanted to be like him when I grew up.

Which past Survivor is your favorite? Or Kelly Wentworth or Joe Anglim. Joe was obviously a crazy competitor in the individual challenges, but as smart as he was, he proved himself to be a valuable member of the tribe. Both were generally patriots. You have to do things like not see eye to eye to keep yourself in the game, but I think Kelly and Joe both played in a legitimate way that wasn’t as tricky as others like Sandra or Tony.

Why do you think you can be the only survivor? In sales, I have to go through people every day. It helps to have a high EQ and I’ve always been more emotionally intelligent than book smart. This is a great feature if you are sharing with other family members. Having a degree in psychology and marketing gives me great people skills. I put me in a room with strangers and we came out as friends. I have the ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable trusting me, which is key in games like SURVIVOR. I am a strong competitor. Don’t judge me by my size! I don’t give up what I want. I’m stubborn and I don’t like to lose.

What achievement are you proudest of? I am really proud of the relationship[s] I have with my family and friends. Life would be boring without them. It is comforting to know that they are there for me no matter what.

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What can we not know by looking at you?

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