How To Reverse Money Using Capitec App

How To Reverse Money Using Capitec App – Like all major banks, Capitec Bank has an easy-to-use app that allows customers to complete most transactions without visiting a branch, so it’s important for customers to use it.

Users can transfer money, check bank balances and even send stamped statements via email using the Capitec app. Not surprisingly, it already has more than a million downloads on both the Android Google Play and the iOS App Store.

How To Reverse Money Using Capitec App

To download the Capitec Bank app, you first need to visit your branch, open an account if you haven’t already done so, and verify your phone and email address.

Capitec Cash Send Details: Important Processes You Need To Know

The bank will then send you an SMS with instructions to download the software. Then you can install and play it. You can also download it from Android Google Play, iOS App Store or Huawei App Gallery.

To send cash using the Capitec app, click on ‘Transaction’ and then ‘Send Cash’. Enter the remote PIN and select the account from which you want to transfer money.

Enter the amount and create a four-digit PIN that the person you’re sending will use to withdraw money.

Click “Next” and agree to the terms after booking the boxes. Click “Yes” to confirm the transaction. Capitec Bank will send you an SMS with a reference number.

How To Download And Use Capitec Bank App: All Your Questions Answered

Send this reference number to the person you are sending the money to. In another message, send that person a private number as well. The Capitec money transfer will be completed.

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You can also transfer money using Capitec USSD, which requires registering for mobile banking. Just dial *120*3279# and answer 9.

Then accept the terms, answer 1 and select the account from which you want to send money. Then enter the amount.

You will then need to create a four-digit PIN that your sender will use to withdraw money. Enter your Mobile Banking PIN to complete the transaction.

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Capitec Bank will then send you an SMS with a reference number that you will send to the recipient. In another message, also send the recipient a PIN. Now the case of sending cash is complete.

If you’re the recipient, withdrawing Capitec Cash is easy once you’ve received your reference number and four-digit PIN.

You need to visit a Capitec or Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Game, Makro or Builders Store ATM branch. Go to another time and ask for change.

Tell your provider your reference number, first name, last name, mobile phone number and four-digit PIN. If all is well, you will receive your money.

How Do I Update My Remote Pin?

If you sent money to someone by mistake through the Capitec app, you can change the currency. For assistance, you must call the bank’s contact number 0860 10 20 43. There is a good reason why you are receiving DebiCheck notifications. By approving a new debit order, you will make your Capitec account more secure.

You don’t need to confirm a DebiCheck debit order every time it leaves your account. This quick approval process happens when you sign up for a new contract and will help you control who can withdraw from your account and help reduce unwanted debits. Only if the DebiCheck order changes will it need to be approved again.

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Using our app is easy and fast. Also, if you’re a Vodacom, MTN, Cell C or Telkom subscriber, you’ll automatically qualify for the zero rate.

If you don’t have our app, you can use USSD (*120*3279#) to instantly confirm your DebiCheck order without any hassle.

Fixed Term Savings

You can connect mobile banking in any branch. If you are unable to access Mobile Banking, you can approve a DebiCheck debit order by visiting a branch or calling the Customer Service Center on 0860 10 20 43.

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Note. How do I update my remote PIN? Use our app to add a remote PIN up to 6 digits long and make it more secure. Protect your PIN by creating one that no one can guess. Read more

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