Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide – The chart below represents the total number of Microsoft employees in the United States and the rest of the world. As of June 2020, the company has approximately 163,000 full-time employees globally. 59% of them are from the United States and the remaining 41% are international employees.

The chart above represents the number of Microsoft employees by year. As of June 2020, Microsoft has approximately 163,000 full-time employees globally. 59% of them are from the United States and the remaining 41% are international employees. In fiscal 2020, the number of Microsoft employees in the United States increased to 96,000 from 85,000 in fiscal 2019. While the company’s international workforce grew to 67,000 in fiscal 2020, from 59,000 in a year ago.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

In Microsoft’s fiscal 2019 annual report, it was noted that of its 144,000 full-time employees, approximately 47,000 work in roles that include manufacturing, distribution, product support, and consulting services. While 47,000 are in product research and development, 38,000 are in sales and marketing, and the remaining 12,000 are in general and administration.

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In fiscal 2002, Microsoft employed more than 50,000 people worldwide on a full-time basis. Of these 50,500 full-time employees, approximately 68.5% were in the United States.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

It should be noted that Microsoft’s global employee count exceeded 128,000 in fiscal 2014, up from just 99,000 a year earlier. More than 51% of them worked outside the United States. Interestingly, approximately 25,000 employees were transferred as part of Microsoft’s acquisition of NDS in April 2014.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is an American multinational technology company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. The company is known for its software products such as Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite, and web browsers such as the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. .

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

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Microsoft dominated the personal computer operating system market during 1980-81 when it partnered with IBM to provide MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) for the IBM PC. This meant that for every computer IBM sold with the Microsoft operating system, royalties were paid to Microsoft.

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On March 13, 1986, Microsoft had a very successful initial public offering (IPO) for $21 a share. By day’s end, the stock had risen to $35.50, making Bill Gates an instant millionaire with 44.8% of the company’s shares.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

On May 22, 1990, Microsoft launched Windows 3.0. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 became the first blockbuster version of Windows from day one.

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Microsoft has made ten acquisitions worth more than $1 billion: Skype (2011), OneQuantio (2007), Fast Search and Transfer (2008), Navision (2002), Vizio Corporation (2000), Yammer (2012), Nokia’s Mobile and Devices Division. (2013), Mojang (2014), LinkedIn (2016), and GitHub (2018).

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

The graph above is part of Graph Farm, the most trusted source of millions of market graphs. Our team of researchers mine millions of data points every month to bring you the most up-to-date and validated set of data points that represents a complete view in a graphical format. From mobile to e-commerce, retail to healthcare, startups to SMBs, we’ve carefully designed thousands of charts for those who understand and understand the importance of data visualization. Samsung likes it “big”. It has bigger phones, a bigger advertising budget, and as you’ll see below, has a bigger headcount. Samsung has more employees than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined.

Samsung Electronics) is the size of five Googles! This describes the output of the machine gun style device from Samsung. The company released around 46 smartphones and 27 tablets in 2014 alone.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

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We can reduce these numbers further if we want. Google will lay off 3,894 employees after getting rid of Motorola. More than half of Apple’s workforce – 42,800 employees – belongs to the retail division, leaving the non-retail part of the company with just 37,500 employees. “Sony” in this chart simply means “Sony Electronics,” the part of the company most comparable to Samsung Electronics. The Sony group has a large media arm that includes Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Financial Services.

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Samsung Electronics and Sony Electronics are quite comparable in terms of product range. Both make at least one of everything you’ll find at Best Buy (although Samsung doesn’t have a game console) as well as major component divisions, and Samsung still outnumbers Sony by two and a half times. number of employees.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

What is Samsung doing with all these people? Well, for starters, the company has a staggering number of software engineers: 40,506 in 2013. That’s nearly Google’s entire worth of the people who make the software. In fact, consider that Google’s employee breakdown lists only 18,593 people in “research and development” (read: software creation), and Samsung appears to have twice as many as Google. They’re software engineers. This army of software engineers is a fairly recent development for Samsung. Since 2011, the number of software has increased by 45%.

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Everyone can name important parts of Google’s software, but Samsung’s “2x Google” number of software engineers hasn’t had the same level of impact. Of course there’s Touchwiz and Samsung’s range of redundant Android ecosystem apps. The company has to bring Android and TouchWiz to every new phone it makes, and when you release about 70 devices a year and have to support everything for about two years, that’s a big deal.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

Samsung Electronics also includes Samsung’s own display and SoC parts, so there’s a lot of firmware and driver writing going on. All of these TVs, cameras, and other small electronics also require some kind of software, and the company is looking to write its own operating system with Tizen.

On the non-software side, manufacturing makes up the majority of Samsung jobs, with 159,488 involved in mass production efforts. It should also come as no surprise that the majority of jobs are in Korea (33.5%), followed by China (21%) and Southeast Asia (20%). Only 3.9% of Samsung’s jobs are in North America.

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Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

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Although Samsung Electronics is a large company, it is part of an even larger conglomerate called “Samsung Group”. Whenever we say “Samsung”, we almost always refer to “Samsung Electronics”, but the Samsung group consists of about 80 companies, most of which are called “Samsung [thing]”, Samsung Electronics is one of them. .

In addition to Samsung Electronics’ usual product roster of phones, tablets, wearables, semiconductors, display panels, TVs, laptops, printers, cameras, home theaters, and home appliances, the Samsung Group offers large container ships, arctic icebreakers, self-propelled howitzers, cards banks, oil refining plants, power plants, wind turbines, water treatment plants, steel mills, life insurance, theme parks, ultrasound machines, x-ray scanners, Aperture Science-style robotic machine gun sentinels and skyscrapers tallest in the world (such as the Burj Khalifa).

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

Samsung setting up companies within companies can lead to crazy situations like one part of the Samsung group buying another part of the Samsung group for billions of dollars.

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Samsung likes to cast a very wide net. You can see it in the company’s lineup of smartphones, in the composition of the Samsung Electronics range in general and in the Samsung group. The quest to offer every product in every category has created a vast company, while Apple and Google seem to want to pick their hardware battles with more focused lineups.

Microsoft Total Employees Worldwide

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