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Survivor Gabler Donation – Survivor 43 players return from Mud Immune Challenge: (L to R) James Jones, Karla Cruz Godoy, Cassidy Clark, Sami Layadi, Dwight Moore, Noelle Lambert, Jesse Lopez, Jeanine Zheng, Mike Gabler, Cody Assenmacher, Owen Knight and Ryan Medrano. (Photo by Robert Watts/CBS)

“What happened?” Jenny asked Noel, while Jeff Probst extinguished Dwight’s torch on Survivor 43. Noel replied, “I don’t know.” That’s how I felt after watching this episode’s strange confusion.

Survivor Gabler Donation

Dwight ended his season in insulting fashion, not only was he fired by (other people’s) idol, but he didn’t make it to the jury despite being in the merger, because none of those things really mattered.

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43-44% of the first half hour of Survivor Episode 7! – Totally consumed by the challenge, except for a brief opening scene where we learn that Jenny is “out of breath”, “totally flat-footed” and “confused and alone” and doesn’t pay off this week, except that she’s completely flat-footed again.

Half the episode is an extended challenge/talk show and the other half is all the tribes running around announcing their strategies and stuffing each other’s perks down their pants. Meanwhile, Gabler’s PSA is about veterans.

Let’s start with the last part. “I play survivors for veterans who suffer traumatic brain injuries and PTSD,” Gabler said in a confession about his family’s military experience and also working in the emergency room. “Trauma,” he said.

I’m glad it brought attention to trauma and PTSD, especially since in America we treat veterans like shit and have somehow been led to believe that just saying “thank you for your service” and leaving the military Mattress sales on Military Day would suffice.

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I’m not sure that part makes much sense, though, because what does it mean for Gabler to play for veterans? Will he give away anything he wins? Did he use their game as inspiration for the game?

The episode is called “The Bull in the China Shop”, which is one of the clichés Owen uses to describe Gabler, but why it’s called because Gabler 1) isn’t the target, and 2) his lack of charisma doesn’t quite work , and 3) Does anyone else have this behavior?

Jeff Probst kicks off the Survivor 43 Episode 7 Immunity Challenge, which starts in pairs, including Sammy and Noel and Gabler and Owen. (Photo by Robert Watts/CBS)

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Because the challenge itself wasn’t discussed enough, Jeff Probst explained at Tribal Council that “the challenge was meant to really illustrate this idea of ​​earning it every step of the way” because last week’s non-merger didn’t make it clear to everyone he must survive.

The Survivor 43 Merge Takes Out A Major Player

Probst talks about this challenge in three phases, but I guess he can’t just describe it because it makes sense.

In the tree mail, players are told to pair up, and after what Jenny perfectly describes as a “very fun five-second social experiment,” they decide to pair up randomly. Yes, since they chose to control their own destiny, they painted the stone. Jeff Probst is very proud.

So a lot of Survivor’s recent post-merge challenges have been persistence challenges – even here, with my ass on the couch, I’m having a hard time with it – so I’m as excited as anyone else. Only a third of the challenges of watching Survivor’s World are tolerable.

I also think the matchmaking based immunity challenge is really fun and a lot better than making half the tribe immune.

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Unfortunately, only one immunity necklace is available. Players compete in pairs in the first two stages, and two pairs are eliminated after each stage, and then the final two pairs are played separately.

The first round was mud crawling in a twisted web. Jenny and Noel are basically lying in the mud, trapped in a mud net.

After the challenge, when the players help Noelle and Jean out, Jeff Probst takes the opportunity to say what he knows (“love love”) and learn what he doesn’t: treat the Treat others like people. he plays.

That last part was new to me; I can’t even count the number of family members who have stopped talking to them after playing them a spirited game of Rummikub.

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“I noticed it more and more in this game,” Probst said. “You’re all obviously fighting for a million dollars — everybody here wants it — but you still have the ability and compassion to say, ‘But we have to help Noel.'”

The photographer gave us some pictures of Noel’s prosthetic leg in case we missed why she needed help.

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Then we went to shoot commercials and let the gravity of the moment sink in: people helping people! !

Frankly, it’s not bad news, but when we repeat it, it loses its impact. Show, don’t tell.

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Gabler stands his ground and tells his story in the closing stages of Episode 7 of the Survivor 43 Immunity Challenge. (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

The final four — Cody, Dwight, Gabler and Irving — had to stand and hold 25 percent of their body weight before the game. But I’m a bit confused: Is it the stamina part, holding the bucket, or listening to Jeff Probst blah blah blah? Or was it just added to make us feel miserable too?

During Gabler, Owen and Cody asked, “What do you use for inspiration?” What “gives you what you need.” Never forget: Others’ stories inspire us.

Gabler mentions a family member who had heart surgery; Cody says, “I lost a game my senior year of high school”; I’m not sure I should laugh. Gabler is also constantly introducing new things, from telling POW inspiration stories to “This is for my dog.”

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The endurance challenge lasts longer than ever, and Gabler defeats Cody to gain immunity and keep him safe.

The Knowledge is Power perk had a geo-vote, and then to make sure it reappeared in the game, the producers put it in the damn water.

It is indeed placed in the player’s drinking water so it cannot be missed. The only not-so-subtle thing is if the producer gave the player an advantage and said:

James, Sammy, Dwight and Owen went to fetch water, and James pulled it out. He told them, “I’m not going to touch that after Horde.” But then he told us in an interview, “It’s Survivor. Fuck it.

I Think Survivor 43 Casts Are Close Friends Irl🤣🤣

He read the benefit to the others so they all knew he was covered. Then somehow, James was able to go to the shelter when he was completely abandoned!

Why do other people hide away, don’t even look at it? Something was missed in the edit. But James got the knowledge is power advantage.

Meanwhile, a group of older members of the Vesi and Baka tribes, Cody, Jesse, Jeanine, Owen and Noelle, decide to split their votes between James’ social play and Ryan’s physical play.

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Dwight told Noel about the James bargain, so Noel decided to target James and make sure everyone knew by running around the camp yelling “James has a way of voting for James.” Well, not really, but it’s so subtle.

Truth Be Told

However, Jesse has other ideas and tells Kara that they need to “surprise Noelle”. He explained to us that they let her “accumulate this power” without restriction, and that players are often allowed to gain power without being recalled.

When Jesse tells Cody, Cody says they should vote for Dwight, because the best way to target a completely vulnerable player is not to vote for them, but to vote for one of the guys they know.

Jesse chooses to obey Cody, suggesting that Cody will feel that he is representative. Not sure how this benefits Jesse’s game.

So yes, for Gabler’s vault, 11 players need someone to vote and decide that all three blacks are the only available threats at this stage of the game.

Survivor 43 Sheds Real And Fake Tears In The Season’s Best Episode

At the Tribal Council, James didn’t play to his strengths, with clips showing him covering his eyes with his buff, then restoring them, then revealing them when he got his first vote.

But the funniest physical action is Jenny’s subtly trying to wrest her idol back from Dwight, who is getting more and more votes. She withdrew her hand, palm facing up, but returned empty-handed. (Can anyone return the idol after voting?)

In the end, Gabler, Jenny, Noel, Irving, and Dwight split the votes between James and Ryan. They thought they would be one of them, but the other seven voted for Dwight.

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